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Sulawesitrip.com also known as Sulawesi Gateway !
A Tours operator & Dive services company, located in South sulawesi indonesia, arrange varying of tours, trekking and dives on the islands. the services are specializing in adventures tours, dives safaries and cultures discovery.

All our travel packages to Sulawesi are fully customizable, our travel specialists will put together an itinerary that fits your specific travel needing and you can always expect a detailed reply within one business day, while in holiday we offer fixed and guaranteed to get your request as your inquiry .

Destination Expert for Trans Sulawesi Tours & Dives Services

Company's Name


Travel Destination

Sulawesi Destination Expert.
Discover Bunaken, Tangkoko, manado, Toraja, Togian island, Makassar, Bira Beach, batimurung waterfall, pare pare and more.


sales@sulawesitrip.com ,  Triptosulawesi@Gmail.com

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