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SULAWESITRIP.COM  and Its each modules, is the Fully copyrighted property by
SULAWESI GATEWAY . We are open the Reqruitment to all the Travel Agent Company to ReProduced  the Contents of Travel Packages inside this website with Purposed to sell the Trips to your own Client, by submit your Inquiry to our sales staff at : sales@sulawesitrip.com . Only a Permited Company deserve to re-sell the Travel Package of this website .

Choose the Destination of the Trips that you would like to Arrange By Our Company. And We recommend that you secure your reservations for any of these Trips through our Online Trips Reservation. Make sure for your International Flights and any domestic Flight Indonesia has been on well scheduled. Its Important to inform us your Details International Flights and any domestic Flights to help us re-check your latest updated of Arrival Time and Depature Time. We are ready to help you Book any Flights in Indonesia that may be required to Connect your Destination with anyother travel destination. All reservation will be proceeding if you fill completely our Reservation Form. Your reservation will be reply within 2 x 24 hours. If your reservation is not confirmed our staffs will inform you and give the other suggestion

To Secure your Reservation and Schedule, we Required a Deposite Payment after we final the Schedules and Trips Plan. The Deposite Payment will be Required by Using our banking Transfer. And you also can make the Payment by Submit Your Credit Card Data into our Credit Card Payment Form. We accept online Payment by VISA and MASTERCARD , and every  Transastion will ce Charged 4% for our Bank Taxes, Also we accept payment with Western Union.

For onlie payment, we accept only through PAYPAL, and if you are new to paypal, please login to www.paypal.com and dign up using your credit card, then , continue with add money to your paypal account , or send money as remarks on the page of paypal.
For paypal address, please contact our staff st : sales@sulawesitrip.com

The cancellation fee will not charge by SULAWESITRIP.COM . However cancellation fees might be charged by other contractors such as Hotel, Transportation and other arranger with whom agreement have been made and for such condition that may occur, these fees will be charge to the clients. No refunds will be made if a booking should be only partly utilized, Transfers and / or other added values are not taken, or if other services booked are not utilized. No refunds for all reservation which is cancelled within 30 Days prior arrival (Low Season) and 45 Days prior to arrival (High/Peak season).

We will send your Confirmation Number & Performa Invoice by e-mail or facsimile when your reservation is already confirmed. Note: Please mention your Confirmation Number if you have any other inquiry such as Optional or Package Tours or any other arrangement.
For details, Please email our staff.

Each traveler shall be responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa (s) and carry a valid passport at all times. All travelers to Indonesia must be in possession of passports with at least six months validity beyond anticipated return date and have proof of onward journey, either return of through tickets.

All tour arrangements are made by our SULAWESITRIP.COM as agent for contractors of tourist services only. SULAWESITRIP.COM will in no event be liable for any injury, damage, loss, theft or acts of default of any carrier, hotelier, other party or employees of such in performing the services for which tickets of exchange orders are issued. Due to circumstances beyond our control there may be unforeseen changes in sightseeing or hotels. SULAWESITRIP.COM will make every effort to keep the itineraries as they are shown.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Any claim or legal action arising relating this agreement, the regulations of the Republic of Indonesia shall rule.

Additional Terms and conditions may apply to reservation, purchase of services and other uses of portion of this site and you agree to abide by such other terms & conditions.

Rules and any terms / conditions which containts on above document may not valid or may has a change. Please email our staff for more details.

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