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Is a Tour Operator Company , Travel Agents , Hotels Bookings , Including Dive Operator at South Sulawesi and Bunaken Island Manado North Sulawesi. The Company is Located on Both of Central Tourism Gateway to discover sulawesi Indonesia, Excatly Located at Makassar Ujungpadang with a Branch Office Located in Rantepao, Tana Toraja South Sulawesi. The Company It self is also known as SULAWESI GATEWAY , Destination Expert for Trans Sulawesi Tours & Dives Services.

SULAWESITRIP.COM , Offer a Complete Travel Plans around Sulawesi Island, with the most packages Requested to South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi. We Offer a Competitives Prices and Varying Of  Packages Services, and  we are a Flexible Tour Operator to Manage the Trips and Prices.

Sulawesi Travel Destination Are :



The world famous Bunaken Marine National Park, with an area 75.26 hectares, is located very close to Manado and comprises of 5 islands: Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage and Nain. The superb diving and snokelling sites puts the Marine Park in one of the top 10 dive area of the world and is a mecca for seasoned and beginner divers alike. Wall diving offers a spectacular drop off 100's of meters deep and the warm water is particularly inviting. The variety of fish and other marine life often spotted include: Coelacanth, Napoleon Wrasse, Angelfish, Turtles, Blue Ribbon Eels, Stingrays, Eagelrays, Snappers, Groupers, and sharks to name a few. There are hundreds of other species too numerous to list but easily located at a variety of sites.

The volcanic mountains Lokon (1.580 m) and Mahawu (1.311 m), both have crater lakes of considerable beauty. Lokon is sometimes considered to be the most beautiful of the two. The trek to the top should be made by climbers in reasonable condition. The steaming crater lies 600 m below the peak of the mountain and the lake is about 60 m deep. The best time to start walking from Kakaskasen is 7 AM and it is possible to arrive at the crater while the morning is still cool. It is important to contact Pos Pengamanan Gunung Lokon and Gunung Mahawu in Kakaskasen III, Tomohon.

Located at the foot of  Dua Saudara Mountain, the area is comprised of rolling hills and valleys with a variety of hardwood trees and unusual plant life. The animal life is also quite varied, and one can often view Tarsius Spectrum (world's smallest primate), black tailless monkeys, Maleo Birds, wild pigs and kuskus (marsupial family). Tangkoko Batuangus Reserve offers a suitable protective environment to help prevent these animals from becoming extinct. Tangkoko is located in the northern sector of Bitung, and comprises an area of 3,196 Ha, and takes about 1.5 -2.5 hours to reach from Bitung or Manado, respectively. Please note that the road to Tangkoko is somewhat difficult and visitors are recommended to visit with a local tour operators to ensure a safe journey and to take advantage of an experienced guide who can assist in spotting the wildlife. Losmen (simple guesthouses) are available for overnight stays.

Makassar - the capitol town of South Sulawesi Provice is best known for its fresh and delicious seafoods, especially the Bugis style ikan bakar or barbequed fish. Try the specialty fish of the region, the Baronang - its tender white flesh and subtle taste is a favourite especially when eaten with the tantalising Bugis sauce, a taste-tingling blend of palm sugar, basil, green tomatoes, chill) and other secret ingredients.

Bantimurung means "getting rid of sadness" in Indonesian language. Befitting its name, this slice of paradise in Sulawesi boasts intriguing caves, cascading falls and exotic butterflies. Bantimurung waterfalls are set amid lushly vegetated limestone cliffs. Bantimurung is crowded with Indonesians on weekends and holidays, and at other times it's a wonderful retreat from the congestion of Makassar

Bira Beach
One of the finest beach with pure white sand in Indonesia. Located 180 km south of Makassar. It stretchs about 3 km in length. Bira beach is popular for locals as a weekend resort. There are hotels and homestay with

Togian Island.
The Togean is an archipelago of 56 pristine coral and volcanic activity off the coast of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia, 30 km south of the equator in the Gulf of Tomini. The islands are covered by lush rainforest and surrounded by ancient coral reef formations. Water temperature average 31 degrees celsius and in perfect sea and weather conditions (which is often), the average underwater visibility is up to 45 meters. Both the terrestrial and marine ecosystems teem with exotic wildlife - much of which is extremely rare or endangered. The reefs and coastal areas provide habitat and breeding areas for hawksbill turtle, the green turtle and the dugong. Togian forests and skies are filled with exotic creatures such as the Togian Macaque, the babirusa, the Sulawesi Hornbill, and hanging parrots. Within this tropical paradise, 37 villages provide bright spots of gaiety and culture of several ethnicities, including the Bobongko, Togian, Saluan and the Bajau.

Toraja or Tana Toraja is the highland situated in on the northernside of South Sulawesi. It is quite wellknow place for its unique culture and ancient traditions. The center of tourism is Rantepao, 328 km from Makassar by road (about 8 hours). The entry to Tana Toraja is marked by a gate built in traditional boat-shaped architecture. This unique culture, the scenic beauty, cool climate and gentle people are the main reason that Toraja is gaining popularity as a tourist destination.

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